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Maths: Understanding Important Concepts, Learning Formulas and Solving Questions

Dhristi JEE 2022-24

Learn Basic Maths, Topics and Formulas for Mathematics

Last updated date: 18th Jan 2023
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Math has a separate place among all subjects. A student must have some basic knowledge about math whether he or she belongs to the arts, science or commerce stream. Having some basic ideas about math will not only help to secure good marks in the academic exam but will also help you in the future. However, it is noticed that these days, many students are not interested in studying math because of its complexity. Well, Vedantu has the best solution for this. 

In today’s modern days, the Internet has an ocean of platforms for education and learning. To streamline and organize your learning, you need to focus on the right one which, in turn, should provide you with enough support. When it comes to student support and quality of study material, the only learning platform that should come to your mind is Vedantu. Vedantu, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Veda’, stands out on its name, owing to its excellent quality study material.

The regular tests and Revision Material will boost your scores in the main exam. Vedantu’s platform also consists of chapter-wise solutions to NCERT Books of all subjects from all classes which would help students in grasping important concepts and understanding methodological answers to critical NCERT Questions. In a time where offline classes have become a distant reality due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, thousands of students have enrolled with us here at Vedantu and are enjoying their effective learning.

Maths Topics

Maths Formulas Class wise

Math Matters in Everyday Life

How Math is Important for a Student?

Mathematics is a very important component in the student curriculum. Right from the beginning, a student is required to be well versed with numbers to excel in various stages of life. Hence, a thorough understanding of mathematics from an early age would build a perfect base for the future. Understanding basic concepts, calculation tricks and short formulae come in handy in every exam you face in your life, be it your class exams or JEE, or the banking and management entrance exams at a later stage of your life. Although mathematics is fun to learn and an intriguing subject, students often get bored and feel uninterested. It is mainly due to the way in which the subject is taught to them in conventional classes. At Vedantu, we have highly qualified teachers who teach with the help of audiovisual elements in a real-time online environment.

Basic Math Topics

All concepts from algebra, trigonometry, calculus and other complex topics are explained on Vedantu’s website in a lucid and easy to understand manner. Practice exercises at the end of each lesson help in a thorough concept building and increase self-confidence among students. A stronghold of the basics helps students in the long run. Basic topics like BODMAS rule, HCF and LCM, basic menstruation, prime and composite numbers, divisibility rules, three-dimensional shapes and geometry, probability concepts, etc. are presented in a simple, elaborative way, making it easy for students to understand. Illustrations and diagrams make the process of learning fun and engaging.

Our teachers understand the role of an interactive classroom environment and strive towards maintaining the same while they teach. A list of math concepts that are taught under ‘basic mathematics’ includes additive and multiplicative identities, algebra symbols, basic mensuration which includes perimeter and area of basic geometrical figures, BODMAS rule, construction of various angles, decimals, fractions, percentages, Number system, etc. Along with the topics, you will also learn about the application of basic maths.

Vedantu - The Best Source to Crack the Exam

With hundreds of e-learning platforms over the internet, a usual question arises i.e. ‘Why Vedantu’. Established as early as 2014, Vedantu has ample experience and technological resources to support you in every step of your learning process. The first step in the learning process with us is understanding a concept through audiovisual technology. This involves all your senses in the learning process so that you retain what you have learned for as long as your lifetime. After you understand the concept, we dig a little deeper and our expert teachers would help you grasping the technicalities of it. After you completely learn it, we will provide you with practice exercises and problems to develop the application part and problem-solving attributes in you. 

Our cumulative tests would make sure to make learning a part of your daily life so that there is no hassle during exams. You can always relax and chill just before exams with Vedantu. Talking about Vedantu’s e-learning material, it covers A to Z of preparation in the PDF format, including chapter wise summary, NCERT Solutions and extensive practice questions of different difficulty levels blended together. You can ask your doubts freely during a live class and our mentors would be happy to help in every scenario.

FAQs on Maths: Understanding Important Concepts, Learning Formulas and Solving Questions

1. Mathematics is complicated for me. What should I do?

Mathematics is easy after getting thorough hold over concepts and applying them regularly in problems and daily life. Mathematics is not something you memorize and produce as it is in the examination. Only through interactive learning and frequent problem solving, you can achieve mastery over a seemingly tricky but easy subject like mathematics. There is no need to worry and step back. Instead, believe in yourself and Vedantu and cultivate a sense of interest in understanding mathematics and leaving the rest to us. We will start with basic concepts like Arithmetic, algebra, numbers and gradually take it to the next level. Regular assessments in the form of tests, revision workshops and practice exercise will boost your confidence.

2. How essential is mathematics as a subject in life?

Starting from your early schooling to job interviews, mathematics holds a unique stature in accessing an individual's foundation and temperament. Hence, it is essential to make your basics crystal clear to face no problems later in your life. A firm hold over mathematics helps you in acing almost every exam in your life, especially those that test your aptitude skills.

3. Where should I start if I want to develop a strong foundation in Maths?

If you want to develop a strong foundation in mathematics, Vedantu’s e-learning platform is a treasure for you. The interactive videos in the forum are concept-oriented and the questions that follow in our quizzes will surely help you immensely. If you have any other queries or you want to know in detail, contact Vedantu support. Vedantu support will help you in every possible way to achieve your desired goals.

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