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CBSE Class 9 Maths Formulas

Drona 2023

Important Math Formulas and Equations for CBSE Class 9 - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 12th Jan 2023
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Mathematics is a subject that often gives fantasy to students. Although it is quite tricky, it is not difficult. It just requires a stronghold on the concepts, formulas, and regular practice to score good grades in exams. To help Class 9 students, we at Vedantu have collated important Class 9 Maths Formulas on this page. 

Feel free to refer to all Maths formulas Class 9 given here while preparing assignments, doing homework, or exam preparation as Maths formulas of Class 9 are created considering the 2020-21 Class 9 Maths syllabus and guidelines issued by the CBSE board.  You can also Download NCERT Solution for Class 9 Maths to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations. Students can also avail of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science from our website. Besides, find NCERT Solutions to get more understanding of various subjects. The solutions are up-to-date and are sure to help in your academic journey.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Important Math Formulas and Equations for CBSE Class 9 - Free PDF Download

9th Class Maths Formulas 

Here are Class 9 Maths all formulas which are important from an exam perspective.


Geometry Formulas 

Geometrical Shapes

Area (A)



A = Length x Width

P =  2(Length + Width)


A = ½ x Breadth x Height

P = Sum of all the three sides of a triangle


A = ½ x Height x (b₁ x b₂)

P = Sum of all the sides of a trapezoid


A = Breadth x Height

P = 2( a+ b)

Here. a = side

B = base


A = πr²

P = 2 πr

Algebra Identities

  • (x + β)² = x²  +  β²  +  2 x β

  • (x - β)² = x²  +  β²  - 2 x β

  • (x + θ) (x - θ) =  x² - θ² 

  • (x + α)(x + θ) =  x²  +   (α + θ)x  +  αθ

  • (x +  α)(x - θ) =  x²  +  (α - θ)x   -  αθ

  • (x - α)(x + θ) =  x²  +  (θ - α)x  -  xθ

  • (x - α)(x - θ) = x²  -  (α + θ)x   + αq

  • (α + θ)³  = α³ + θ³  +  3αθ(α + θ)

  • (α - θ)³ =  α³  + θ³ - 3αθ(α - θ)

  • (α + β + θ)²  = α² + β² + θ² + 2αβ + 2βθ + 2αθ

  • (α + β - θ)²  = α² + β² + θ² + 2αβ - 2βθ - 2αθ

  • (α - β + θ)²  = α² + β² + θ²- 2αβ - 2βθ + 2αθ

  • (α - β - θ)²  = α² + β² + θ² - 2αβ + 2βθ - 2αθ

  • (x)³ + (β)³ = ( x + β) (x² - xβ + β)

  • (x)³ - (β)³ = ( x + β) (x² - xβ + β)

Surface Area and Volume


Surface Area (A)

Volume (V)


2 = (lb + bh + hl), 

Here, l = length, 

b = Breadth, h = height

V = Length x  Breadth x Height


A = 6 side²

V = Side³


A = 2πr( h + r)


r = radius of circular cylinder

H = height of a cylinder

V = πr²H


A = πr( L + r)


l = slant height 

r = Radius of base

Also, l² = h² + r², where h is the cone's height 

V = ½ πr²


A = 4πr²

V = 4/3πr³

Heron’s Formula

Area of Triangle with 3 sides


Here, s = semi perimeter

A,b, c are the sides of triangle

Semi Perimeter

S = ( a + b + c)/2

Polynomial Formula

P (x) = anxn + an- 1xn- 1 - an- 2xn- 1 + …… ax + a0

Statistics (Measure of Central Tendency)


Sum of all the observations/ Total Number of Observations


For odd observations = ((n+1)/2)th observations

Here, n is he total number of observations

For even Observations - ((n/2)th + ((n/2) +1)th)/2 observations


Value which occur most frequently in a adata 

Probability Formulas

Empirical Probability = Number of Trails With Expected Outcomes/ Total Number of Trials


We believe that the all formulas of Class 9 Maths NCERT given here will make your learning effective as these are preparing considering the latest CBSE Class 9 syllabus. Students simply need to simply visit Vedantu's official website to view the  formulas of Maths Class 9 and ace your preparation.

FAQs on CBSE Class 9 Maths Formulas

Q1. What are the Formulas of Maths Class 9?

Ans. Maths formulas Class 9 are rules written with Mathematics symbols. It usually joins two or more quantities with an equal symbol. When you know the value of one quantity, you can easily derive the value of another quantity using Maths formulas. For example, the formula of a right-angled triangle = ½ × Base × Height.

Q2. How to Remember All formulas of Maths Class 9 NCERT?

Ans. The simplest way is to create a story to remember everything you are trying to learn. Similarly, the Maths formulas and equations can be learned in the form of the story. This sequence of stories enables you to memorize the formulas in a particular order. Also, make sure to understand how the equations are derived rather than mugging up as this will help you to remember all formulas of Maths Class 9  for a long time.

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